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Norrøna Film Competition

Oppdatert: 16. mai 2019

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Huckfest Bike Festival we`re inviting everyone who has a passion for filming and biking to participate in this year's Norrøna Huckshoot Film Competition. The best contribution will get free festival passes and walk away with a cash prize of 20 000.- NOK. Thats more than 2000 euros!

The rules are simple

Anyone with a camera can participate. The contributions will be considered by a jury, and the best movies will be broadcasted on a big screen during Huckfest Movie Night on Thursday, July 4th. All finalists receive a free festival pass and the opportunity to win 20,000.- NOK.

You can film anywhere, anytime, but the contribution must be submitted within June 28th.

The contribution must be between 3-5 minutes

The team can consist of a total of 4 people including filmers

The contribution is submitted to either as a video file or a link to YouTube or Vimeo. Remember that the movie must not be published until after the Huckfest Bike Festival. The clips must be produced in 2019 and not previously published

Good luck!!

A throwback to the winner of Huckshoot 2018 - Ben Howells

The junior crew was killing it as well last year!

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