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A festival is nothing without volunteers, it may sound cliche but literally, we can not make this festival happen without you. As a volunteer you will be a part of creating Huckfest and we promise it will be a huck of a good time with new friends and great fun. A lot needs to be done before, during and after the festival and for many of the tasks you don’t need any experience, it is enough to show up with a good mood and a high spirit. You can see the various volunteer tasks below and the registration can be found at the bottom of this page, but first some practical information.


What is the workload and what do you get?

  • A volunteer shift is 4-6 hours.

  • Working two volunteer shifts will give you a free festival pass.

  • Working one shift will give you a free party pass (evening, 18+), or you can buy a full festival pass for 990.- NOK.

  • We provide free food on your shifts.


For us to be able to fill up all the slots we need, please select several shifts and we will work our brains to make a schedule that is fair and good for everyone.


What do we need?
Before and after the Festival we need people who can help us with all sorts of work such as moving, carrying and collecting different things. Some heavy loads might occur, but you will never work alone, always in teams!

Registration/accreditation/ticket sales
At the entrance you have different tasks during your volunteer work such as welcoming and register guests, handle payments and make sure our campers get the information needed. 

Ticket control Hillbilly Bike Park
Your job is to make sure that everyone in the bike park got lift tickets and help people on the lift.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the cafe. Through the day people want food and drinks, and your job is to serve and make delicious local food.

Sometimes it´s hectic but the bar is always fun. We got two bars  where we sell beverages + merch.  Keeping up a good atmosphere is important, you will never be left alone but it is an advantage if you can maintain the good mood even when it is boiling. Working with beer sales, wine sales, mineral water and drinks requires a good dose of efficiency and customer care. We are also looking for people who can have extra bar responsibility.
NB! eligibility: 18+

Host for the band
The task of the band host is to take care of the artists and make sure they get everything that is agreed upon and take care of details that may appear. The band host's task is simply to provide the bands with the best possible service, so that they want to come back. As a band host you should preferably have a car certificate, be good at communication, give tidy messages and make clear appointments.

Parking / Traffic
Your job is to make sure that only those with festival passe can enter the festival area with a car. You will also be responsible for parking and placement of tents and caravans at the campsite.

Fire Guard
This is one of the most important tasks during the festival. The Fire Guards job is to make sure that everybody gets out safely in case of fire.

Health care (daytime)
Ensure safety and care. The job is to be prepared in the health tent when the bicycle lift is in operation.
NB! Eligibility: Either an authorized health professional or a health professional in education.

Media Crew
Our media crew makes sure that our SoMe channels are up-to date at all time. A meeting with our media crew will take place before Huckfest to entitle the various tasks in-between the photographers. 



If you have any questions about volunteering at Huckfest, don't hesitate to contact us!
We are looking forward to seeing you!

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